Revamp Your Resolutions


It’s still January, so let’s talk resolutions. If you haven’t yet, carve out some time to reflect and set your intentions for the next 11 months—there just shouldn’t be any resolving involved. (Why? Because resolutions simply don’t work.) Instead, try a new year’s mission statementmantra, or theme (psst: that last linked piece was penned by yours truly!). 

Taking time to set the tone for the year is a form of self-care—just as much as eating well or getting more sleep. Set an intention that speaks to you, and do your best to employ it daily. 

For 2019, I’ve been focused on the idea of simplicity—namely, streamlining my life and trying to stop multitasking. (As I write this, I’m concurrently researching summer trips to take with toddlers, doing kegels and halfheartedly watching Tidying Up). Simplicity can also extend to my closet (incorporating sustainability and buying less), my kitchen (only choosing foods that truly nourish; actually eating my leftovers) and my mind (finding and doing what sparks joy and saying thank u, next to the rest, to take a page each from Marie Kondo and Ariana Grande—kindred spirits, perhaps?). 


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