THE EDIT: Things You Need: Sleep Hacks and Pretty Toothpaste


The sleep hack I've been swearing by lately? Setting a strict 11 p.m. bedtime. I'm the type who can just keep on working until the wee hours but a timer on both my phone and my laptop help hold me accountable. I force myself to turn off my tech right then and there and I'll try to wind down with a mini meditation or reading a few pages of an actual book before I pass out. Bliss. After all, those endless to-dos can often wait till morning. More sleep, sex and skin ideas to make your life a little bit better, below. 


1. Add this book to the to-read stack on your nightstand and finally learn how tobiohack your sleep for a stronger immune system, better focus and faster metabolism. Psst: it’s not just about sleeping more—it’s about sleeping smarter.

2. Talking about beauty sleep: this space-agey sleep mask is infused with mineral fibers to promote skin cell regeneration while you snooze. I'll take it.

3. From gravity blankets to fidget spinners: dive into the weird, wide world of anxiety consumerism.


1. The five-star reviews on this flexible menstrual disc might make you toss your tampons for good.

2. All the applause for this organic, pH-balanced lube made with aloe and green tea. Try the quickie kit for free (+shipping).

3. The wisest words on women’s biological clocks and why we should be anti-anti-ageing (note the double negative) by the always-brilliant Zadie Smith.


1. Let’s celebrate the fact that we live in an age where even deodorant and toothpaste can get *really* pretty branding.
2. If you have a sinking feeling that your skin issues might be food related, this app can help you play Sherlock. (Also, call me!)
3. The comprehensive skincare supplement glossary that you never knew you needed.

Want better sleep? More sweet dreams content coming at ya in 2 wks. xx