Nutrition consultations

Together, we'll create an action plan to reach your personal state of wellness that feels approachable and realistic. 


15-minute phone consultation: FREE

Looking for more information about holistic nutrition and what to expect in your initial appointment? Let’s set up a time to connect via phone or Skype. 

Initial appointment
(virtual): $150

Your first 75-minute session will include a discussion of your personal wellness goals, a comprehensive functional nutrition and lifestyle evaluation, lab work evaluation, nutrition education plus customized recommendations and protocols. 

Follow-up Appointment
(virtual): $90

During your 45-minute follow-up appointment, we will review your goals and previous recommendations and adapt the plan as necessary. I suggest booking your first follow-up appointment within one week
of your initial appointment. 


What you'll receive



Customized dietary and lifestyle recommendations that fit your unique personality, schedule and resources


Comprehensive nutritional and lab work evaluation


Therapeutic herbal medicine and/or supplement protocols to support your body's state of balance


Recipes, healthy cooking tips and cheat sheets to assist you in developing new habits quickly and easily



Full support via regular email, phone and text check-ins to keep you encouraged


Stress management tips and techniques for balancing the mind-body connection


Compassionate encouragement and ongoing motivation to help you reach your personal wellness goals