SIX THINGS to Make Adulting Easier

Oh, hi! After a short summer hiatus (thanks to a new baby!), SIX THINGS is back, and we’ve got a cool new event on the horizon, too. Join us for WOVEN on Sunday, Sept. 11 and become friends with both loom weaving and nature. More info here.

I think I officially felt like an adult not when I turned 18 or 25 or signed my first lease or bought a car, but when I got my own EZPass account. Which was probably way later than it should have been. (I am going to pay you back, Mom!) But now that I’m a mom myself, I’m eager for life hacks that make it seem like I’ve got everything together—even when I definitely don’t. Here are a few things that make disguising yourself as an adult a little bit easier. 

I. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The best thing about being a grown-up is paid vacations. But the second best thing might be getting to buy yourself whatever toy you want, like Google Cardboard, a VR set for the layperson. 

II. You know you’re an adult when it’s someone’s birthday and you, gasp, have a drawer full of curated cards to choose from. I’ve yet to reach that state of enlightenment, but I’m thinking about preemptively ordering this fun scented stationery as a first step.

III. As a parent to a handsy 6-month-old, I rarely wear jewelry. But when I do, I want it to be minimalist and statement-making and not super expensive ALL AT THE SAME TIME. This is now possible, thanks to Maslo.

IV. Graduating from IKEA to furniture that someone else has already assembled? See Surface Project and fall in love with their wares and their rad mission. 

V. Another adult necessity: A no-fail recipe for last-minute guests. A can of chickpeas and one lone potato mean you’re minutes away from a really good impression.  

VI. Break the piggy bank for some seriously luxe big-kid luggage. This suitcase/phone-charging station is just the ticket.

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