SIX THINGS to ward off winter woes

While we’re anxiously awaiting spring (is anyone else in a pants rut?), here’s what’s keeping Lindsay inspired during this coldest of cold months: a well-written read, a smoothie on standby and satisfying sounds, both new and old.

I. Exploring: The stacks of 45s at local haunt True Vine Records for my new record player, and leaving with armloads of Johnny Cash albums. 

II. Soaking up: The vibrant colors, lush prints and unparalleled vision of Anona Studio

III. Getting lost in: Drown by Junot Diaza collection of expertly crafted short stories. 

IV. On repeat: The ethereal “Lay My Body Down” by our multitalented friends in the Great American Canyon Band. 

V. Obsessing over: This poetic Almanac Industries print that hangs directly above my desk—a good daily reminder.

VI. Morning routine: Sipping summer with this refreshing yet filling Cucumber Avocado smoothie.

P.S. Don't miss the chance to up your Valentine's Day game at MAKE TRIBE's next event,Love Notes, on 2/11. See you there! 


Photo © Lindsay Hite,