SIX THINGS to make mornings more bearable

This month, we’re attempting to transform our regular morning routines into savored rituals. Whether that’s learning a new way to make breakfast or actually enjoying the commute, read on for Jess’ 6 things that have her skipping the snooze.

I. Mastering: The soft scramble c/o this super helpful Gordon Ramsay video (sans burnt toast!).

II. Swapping coffee for: Hot water with lemon, cayenne, turmeric and ginger. There’s nothing better to kickstart your day. Trust.

III. Actually enjoying: The morning traffic when it means a few extra minutes with After the Jump, the insightful podcast from Grace Bonney of Design Sponge. 

IV. Scanning my Feedly for: Knitting patterns to try at MAKE TRIBE’s new knitter’s meetup, K1P1, this Sunday (and every other!) at Artifact Coffee. Shameless plug. 

V. Obsessing over: My bkr bottle filled with ½ H20, ½ coconut water for my a.m. yoga class brings me strange joy. It’s just. so. gorgeous.

VI. Embracing: The art of simple dressing with Everlane’s beautiful basics. The perfect tee? Found. 

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Photo © Lindsay Hite,