SIX THINGS for daily happiness

We’ve been thinking a lot recently about how productivity, design and happiness tend to go hand in hand. After all, is there any greater satisfaction than checking off a well-planned to-do list? Lindsay lists the little things that are improving her days right now.

I. Dreaming about: The perfect city—one filled with trust and satisfaction. Charles Montgomery’s book Happy City is a fascinating look at urban planning.

II. Getting way too excited over: Checking off my to-do list thanks to Springpad, a super comprehensive app that makes list-keeping beautiful.

III. Jamming out to: St. Vincent’s latest release—a great addition to my workday playlist. 

IV. Morning ritual: Drinking my husband’s latest batch of Carrot Ginger Kombucha every a.m. keeps my stomach happy. This starter kit makes it simple. 

V. Soaking up: Every episode of 99% Invisible, a quick podcast that makes one realize how much of an impact good design has on our day-to-day. 

VI. Feeling refreshed by: Creative Mornings Baltimore, a breakfast speaker series that leads to newfound connections within our creative community. 

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