SIX THINGS keeping us cozy on cold winter nights

Welcome to MAKE TRIBE Journal. We think it’s about time you get to know us: Jess and Lindsay, founders of MAKE TRIBE. In this space, we’ll both be sharing glimpses of our latest loves, never-ending to-do lists and online shopping habits on a biweekly basis. Our first edition’s theme? Staying cozy. For Jess, that usually means pouring a pot of tea, settling in with a good read (or a new app) and gathering all things knit… 

I. In search of: The perfect striped shirt. This pullover is all I want to wear, maybe for eternity. Or at least just for right now.

II. Obsessing over: Textural wall hangings. Take your pick: understated and organic yet completely fantastical, or the dreamcatcher of your nightmares. See what I did there?

III. Doing: Brewing pot after pot of Bellocq tea No. 47, The Queen’s Guard. A self-described “perfect afternoon tea.” P.S. Can a tea be self-described? 

IV. Making: Knitting the final stitches on my latest Wool And The Gang knit kit. And simultaneously clicking to purchase a new one (tough to do while casting off).

V. Geeking out with: The Blinkist app. The latest business books boiled down to a 9-minute read? Sold. 

VI. Whipping up: Bowl after bowl of probably the greatest, simplest kale salad of all time. Seriously. Try it.

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Photo © Lindsay Hite,