SIX THINGS for Slower Living

A friend recently baked her husband an emoji cake, and I thought it was the best thing ever--way sweeter (literally) and a million times more meaningful than those tiny text icons. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally in favor of the latest tech tool that makes life a little easier, but I’m also all about going analog every once in a while. Multitasking products have had their place in the sun, and it's time for the slower, simpler things to come out of the darkness.   

I. Skip the apology texts: one artist's pom-pom apomogies speak the truth, in the cutest way possible.

II. Practice your handwriting and take your to-do list offline with the Bullet journal.

III. Turn those daydreams into reality. The subtitle of this book says it all: How to use the phases of the moon to get what you want. I'm into it.

IV. Treat every day like Sunday. Just consider what it'd be like to never have to take off your slippers...then say hello to street slippers from Mahabis

V. Master the meditative art of macrame: sign up to make a plant hanger with us onSaturday, 2/20 at Church & Co with Emily Katz. 

VI. When was the last time you printed a photo? Parabo Press lets you surround yourself IRL with your best Instagram snaps for instant (and beautiful) art. Their large-scale engineer prints are having a moment.

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Top photo by Horace & Mae Photography from our Nib & Ink: Modern Calligraphy event.