SIX THINGS to Do Before the End of Summer

I love that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, late summer is considered the fifth season: and rightfully so. Mid-August's dry heat, shorter days, abounding laziness and endless supply of garden tomatoes don't seem to fully mesh with the bright energy of June and July. But don't rush it! We're not in autumn yet. If you, too, are lamenting the last few weeks of dog days, throw one more log on the bonfire and keep reading for six things to prolong the golden light well into fall. 

I. Sip this cooling pineapple-ginger-coconut water refresher on repeat, and preorder Heidi’s cookbook while you’re at it. 

II. Use up those summer heirlooms and master your canning skills with this un-daunting guide to homemade tomato sauce. (I tried it today, with great success!)

III. Book a last-minute camping trip with just a few clicks thanks to the folks at HipCamp, which is like Airbnb for campgrounds.

IV. If you’ve got serious August wanderlust, take a gander over at dream vacay spot Maderas Village: a Nicaraguan communal beach paradise that’s wildly inexpensive.  

V. Secretly wish for chilly autumn evenings just so you have a good excuse to stock up on these beautiful copper and brass tealight lanterns.

VI. Make time for some re-nesting. Can this affordable, design-y furniture company fill the IKEA-shaped hole in my heart? I certainly hope so. 

Bonus thing: If you haven't made it to the Made In Baltimore Pop-Up Shop yet, hop to it! A visit should definitely be topping your weekend to-do list.

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P.S. Watch this space for our September event announcement—coming next week! Here’s a hint: there will be cocktails. Lots of cocktails.


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