SIX THINGS for Midsummer Magic

Here’s the latest in link love. Make the most of these dog days with a midsummer refresh: crisp sheets, old movies and new swimsuits. 

I. Looking for a splashy new made-in-the-USA swimsuit? Bikyni’s offerings are super slick and surprisingly affordable. 

II. Keep tabs on those summer storms with Poncho, which offers daily text alerts filled with cute quips and funny gifs that warn you whether it’s destined to be a good hair day or not.

III. Worth a listen: The adorable and affable Starlee Kine steals hearts and solves mysteries on the latest effort from Gimlet Media (of Startup renown), Mystery Show.

IV. If you’ve been procrastinating on a sheet upgrade, Brooklinen has got your back. I can personally vouch for their luxe-feeling bed linens (at a non-nightmare-inducing price). Sweet dreams! 

V. Because you have a summer itch that only outdoor movies can scratch, here’s where you can enjoy prime open-air viewing this month: Cinema al Fresco and Flicks from the Hill. (Jaws plays tonight!)

VI. I almost cried when I heard that Amy’s Kitchen is opening a vegetarian fast-food restaurant in SF. Moving one step closer to my personal vision of utopia, involving healthy fast food, pettable wild animals and FREE WIFI FOR ALL.

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P.S. Photos from our latest events, Clay & Beer and Pantry Beauty, are live on!