SIX THINGS to Stress Less

It’s time, friends. Let's shed those sweaters, socks and stressed-out attitudes. Spring is slowly creeping in, and yep, you’ve got lots to do, but great news: there’s suddenly more daylight in which to do it all. If you're having a tough time tapping into that zen mindset, here are 6 things to get you back in the game.

I. You know how trying to schedule a meeting over email is the worst? solves that problem. Finally. 

II. Rosewater is the thing that brings me back to life after a long day/week/month. 

III. When you’re permanently grouch-faced and no amount of meditation or cat videos is doing the trick, this book is like an instant vacation (through food). Pre-order immediately. 

IV. Taking time for tea is of the utmost importance, and so is taking time to ogle this gorgeous, tea-centric desktop wallpaper, c/o Alea Toussaint and Design Sponge.  

V. NPR’s Book Concierge: Because finding a good read shouldn’t give you a headache.

VI. Your spring wardrobe should include at least one wear-everywhere, never-take-it-off shirt. Our friends at Tradlands have the answer and they're sharing the love, just for you! Use code lovemaketribe for $25 off any order over $100.

Photos from Metals are live. Looking forward to sharing scones with our British Baking guests tonight.