SIX THINGS Because Spring


Right now! Right now’s the time when we all start living a little bit more out-of-doors. To mark the newness of the season, I’m proposing a fresh set of daily rituals, including but not limited to: switching up your workout playlist, swapping your lunchtime iPhone scrolls for something with actual pages, and stealing a few sidewalk blooms post-commute for your kitchen table. And while you’re in the process of refreshing your routines, here are six new things to add to the mix…

I. It’s festival season. I’m marking my cal for this year’s MD Film Festival, which runs 5/6-10. Check out the stellar lineup.

II. It's hard not to highlight every bit of expert gardening advice in this book, which’ll make you want to dig your hands in the soil and forgo manicures for maybe ever. Or is that just me?

III. Add Stromae to your running playlist, stat, and you, too will start wishing all pop music went this deep.  

IV. Take a closer look at that friend/foe, the Internet, while you catch up on all the episodes of Reply All. And don't forget to celebrate Email Debt Forgiveness Day while you're at it.

V. See yourself in our next batch of event photos. Block Party on Friday, May 1, features a block-printing workshop with Radica Textiles (make your new favorite tote!) and we've got juice + vodka + food + photobooth + dancing + sweet swag. 

VI. The perfect warm-weather sandal (handmade, under $100), found. (Thanks to MT intern Adele for the discovery!) Cool shoes for dudes, too

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Looking forward to getting crafty with air plants at our Spring Awakening event tonight.