SIX THINGS To Do This Weekend

Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right? Let’s tuck in to this winter thing and make it a snow-weekend. Keep the pajamas on through breakfast (scratch that, dinner) and settle in for a couple days of sweet, sweet relaxation. Here are six things to fill your time. 

I. A new use for those ripped-up jeans. 

II. Give the podcasts a break and turn up the tunes.  

III. Let's bring back bathtime, shall we? 

IV. 'Cause on the weekend, no one's counting

V. Get busy with beets.

VI.  Simmer away those winter doldrums. 

P.S. Keep the weekend vibes going strong with us on Monday, 3/9 at WC Harlan for our punch party. Tickets, right this way.

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