Be Well With: 5 Reasons to Love Rosewater

Wash away winter woes with just one thing: rosewater. With the change in weather, there’s nothing better than a quick spritz to welcome spring. This miracle hydrosol has a number of uplifting, de-stressing effects, and has centuries of use under its belt. Use it any and everywhere that needs a quick pick-me-up: your cocktail, your face, your outlook…or all of the above.

Highly fragrant, hydrating and nourishing, rosewater is sure to become an instant pantry (and beauty) staple. Here are our favorite ways to use this all-natural remedy…


1.     Spritz it on your face to hydrate and gently tone.

2.     Dab a drop on your pulses for a fast fragrance fix.

3.     Apply to a cotton ball and swipe on puffy eyes after a long night. Just a drop in the corner of your peepers will clear up redness, too.

4.     Swap your coffee for a hot rosewater tea with ginger and saffron (courtesy of an Algerian friend who drinks nothing else in the a.m.)

5.     Stir in a teaspoon of rosewater to a glass of ice-cold seltzer with a squeeze of lemon. Or, swap the seltzer for champagne!


Note: Be sure to look for a food grade rosewater if you're going to be imbibing it. Try Heritage Store or Cortas.  


-Paola Albergate and Jess D'Argenio Waller


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