SIX THINGS to Warm Your Bones


The verdict is in: six more weeks of bone-chilling temps, icy winds and blanketing snow. If that thought alone gives you the shivers, we’re here to help. From a home-cooked meal so good you won’t even miss going out, to cozy PJs you can actually wear in public, we’ve got the goods…

I. Boycott the cold by keeping cooped up in the house with these warming simmer pots.

II. There’s something inherently comforting about food in bowls, especially when it’s areally good, grain-centric twist on veg chili. 

III.  Not-so-secretly wishing I put one of these onesies on my wishlist. If it's good enough for Jenna Lyons...

IV.  Because winter seems like the perfect time to buy a new (made-in-the-USA, reasonably priced) mattress, right? And I’m in full support of The Dude lulling me off to sleepon said mattress. Way more interesting than the 4-7-8 method, though that works, too.

V.  A super-warming turmeric latte that’s on point. 'Nuff said.

VI.  Are you watching Togetherness? Warm fuzzies (and plenty of awkward moments) abound.



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