Make + Do: Modern Denim Wall Tapestries

We're all about using what you've got to make cool projects. This modern wall hanging gets its indigo hues from well-loved denim. Scour your closet (or the closest Goodwill) for jeans in a range of shades to craft an ombre masterpiece. The best part? This piece adds instant texture to a spare wall in the bedroom or living room. For more inspiration, see the photos from our pop-up event at Madewell.




Materials Needed:

- 2-3 pairs of old or thrift-store jeans

- 30'' wooden dowel (found at Home Depot)

- Scissors

- 1 yard leather cord

- 1 yard twine


How To:

1. Cut the denim into strips: Using scissors, remove the bottom hem from each leg cuff. Cut alongside the outer seam up to the waistband to open the leg. Cut 2”-wide strips as long as possible--you can trim them down later. Repeat for all the pairs of jeans until you end up with a pile of denim strips.

2. Select strips of denim for your dowel: consider color, texture and size, and choose whatever catches your eye to create a beautiful tapestry. We’re always partial to an ombre effect, from lightest denim to darkest denim.

3. Loosely knot or loop your denim strips onto the dowel. Here is where you can really play with size arrangement and have some fun with variations. Add in lengths of leather cord between the denim to break things up, or make tassels to hang off of each end. Go wild with braiding, cutting or fringe-ing. 

4. Tie one end of the twine on an end of the dowel, and then tie again on the other end, creating a triangle to hang the tapestry on a wall. Use a small nail or hook to secure in place.

By Paola Albergate and Jess D'Argenio Waller

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