SIX THINGS: Pop Culture Edition


We've been waiting all summer for this: the return of good television and cheesy Christmas movies. And thankfully, like clockwork, pop culture's got your back just in time to start the annual burrowing into blanket forts and hoarding all the pumpkin items at Trader Joe’s (a look at last year’s highly varied offerings). To fuel your pumpkin-spiced weeknights, here are a few of the weirdly awesome moments occurring in the zeitgeist right now.

I. Music: Ryan Adams sings every song from Taylor Swift’s 1989 album WITH FEELING and lots of reverb and it’s glorious/maybe better than the original? Especially great if you’re a closet Swifty and find yourself ugly-crying most nights that she and Spotify are still broken up. There’s hope here.

II. Movies: If you, like me, love ensemble casts, John Green, cheesy Christmas themes and Diane Keaton acting like a fiery, slightly crazed-yet-lovable matriarch (again), then you’ll love this

III. TV: Continuing on that trend, it’s going to be a very Murray Christmas. Sofia Coppola (AKA my spirit animal) wrote and directed this made-for-Netflix gem starring the inimitable Mr. Bill Murray. This trailer says it all, without actually saying a word. 

IV. Books: The reinvention of storytelling: The Human Library is an ingenious concept that I think we should recreate immediately in Baltimore. Check out an “interactive book” (er, human) for half an hour to learn more about a community straight from a living, breathing source. 

V. Internet: Finally, proof that you actually did hear that new band months ago. Enter Spotify’s Found Them First app: for all the classic hipster music snobs out there (but it’s actually kinda fun).

VI. Games: Bless the generous soul who found the time, energy and endless supply of Mountain Dew to actually compile the working rules for what might be my favorite mash-up of drinking game/hot lava/Candyland: New Girl’s True American. Play it at your next dinner party. 1,2,3,JFK!

Bonus thing: Oh yeah, back to the stuff we normally do: photos from our Hip Hip Cin Cin cocktail event are live. FIND YOUR FACE.

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