Be Well With: A Natural Skincare Routine

With all the products (and empty promises) on the shelves these days, it’s hard to select the just-right solutions for your skin. But all the fancy balms, lotions, toners and potions galore can’t beat what’s already in your kitchen. Here’s how I’m going back to the basics with my skincare routine this season. 


Morning moisturizer

OK, so you might not have jojoba oil in your kitchen, but you can find it at most health food stores. Jojoba is amazing for locking in moisture after a steamy shower. Rub it in immediately after you towel off. Psst: At night, dipped in a cotton ball, it also works to remove those last traces of the day’s makeup before you hit the hay.

Why it works: The molecules of jojoba oil are the most similar to your skin’s own sebum, so applying a little bit on the daily will trick your skin into producing less of the oily stuff itself.



Daily toner

A cotton ball dipped in lemon juice and coconut water makes for an amazing toner that also reduces dark spots and freckles. Just follow with your regular SPF; lemon juice can make skin more sensitive to UV rays.

Why it works: While coconut water is majorly hydrating, lemon juice is packed with vitamin C and citric acid. Both work together as a natural astringent, cleanser and lightener that knocks your store-bought toner out of the park.


Night moisturizer

Organic virgin coconut oil is touted as the skin (and kitchen) panacea, and it’s equally beneficial for your face. Massage it into clean skin with your fingers just before bed, and wake up with a well-rested glow. 

Why it works: The benefits are threefold: coconut oil contains fatty acids called triglycerides that help skin retain moisture, it boasts antimicrobial properties that fight acne and it contains vitamin E, which is tops for preventing wrinkles and lightening scars. 


Sunday buffing mask

This sweet and soothing oatmeal-honey face mask works wonders on problem skin. Grind up 1/4 cup dry oats in a food processor, then mix with 1/4 cup water and stir in 2 teaspoons of honey. Wet face with warm water, pat dry, then apply the mask with your fingers, rubbing in a gentle circular motion. Let sit for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off.

Why it works: Oatmeal is anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and calming skin while serving as a light exfoliant. Honey is antimicrobial and super moisturizing: great for healing blemishes or acne.


After all, your skin absorbs topically applied products directly into the bloodstream (almost 5 pounds a year!). Why not slather on stuff you can actually eat?