SIX THINGS to welcome fall


There's a certain chill in the air, and it's sadly not negated by the warm afterglow of the free Future Islands show this past weekend. It’s officially fall, and that means three things: butternut squash erryday, cozy sweaters (better if knit by hand) and settling in with a good read and a big cup of tea. And by tea, I mean bourbon. A few more things that help to usher in the season: 

I. Re-nesting: Slowly swapping quantity for quality all over my house, starting in the kitchen with these stackable (and beautiful) ceramics.

II. Good TV is back: And Anthony Bourdain is changing the world, one bite at a time, though frankly, he doesn't give a damn. 

III. Cold-weather morning routines: Why not take some inspiration with your pour-over coffee? Creative Mornings with Wesley Stuckey is happening on Friday at Center Stage. 

IV. Fall babies: My IG feed is full of ‘em (congrats, friends!), and here’s the cool-kid baby gift I'll be stocking up on. 

V. Football brunch: I’m not the biggest NFL fan (er, especially currently), but a plate full of these dairy-free chocolate bars can make me sit through anything. 

VI.  Fermentation: Curious how to preserve your fall harvest? Join our next Skill Supper on 10/9 for a kraut lesson, kombucha cocktails and an intimate seated 3-course supper with heirloom cider pairings. Tickets on pre-sale now!