Be Well With: Easy Travel Snacks


Lately I’ve been daydreaming of a last-minute summer getaway. Jetsetting off to some scenic locale (Tulum, anyone?) would certainly trump the view from behind my desk. What isn’t part of my travel fantasy, however, is feeling less than stellar following a long flight. Here are five snacks to pack from home that will keep your mind and body in top shape without setting off airport security.

•    Produce Rich in Vitamin C: You’ll want to boost your immune system when sharing cabin pressure with a plane-full of (potentially ill) strangers. The thought alone might have you reaching for oranges, but might we suggest clementines? They’re smaller and easier to peel. Better yet, veggies like broccoli, bell peppers, and kale actually contain higher levels of Vitamin C than most citrus fruit.  Whip up these kale wraps from Sprouted Kitchen and call it a day.

Fiesta Kale Wraps via Sprouted Kitchen

Fiesta Kale Wraps via Sprouted Kitchen

•    Fruit + Nut Butters: My go-to for staving off hunger is an apple, pear or banana with nut butter. Sugars in the fruit provide a quick burst of energy, which holds me over until the protein from the nuts starts to kick in. For flights, stock up on these individual squeeze packs from Justin’s


•    Cheese & Crackers: Airplane meals shouldn’t be doomed to tasteless, funless foods. Why not throw yourself a mini cheese party mid-flight? Firmer cheeses can be carried on board, and when paired with an adorable reusable baggie full of whole-grain crackers, they’ll keep you sated until landing. Just don’t pack anything too smelly—your seatmates will thank you.


•    Grab & Go Bars: Not everyone wants to spend the night before a trip bagging snacks (it’s hard enough packing clothes!). When I’m feeling rushed before a flight, I reach for a handful of healthy bars to make sure I’ll stay sane. KIND Bars are my favorite


•    Water: Staying hydrated on a flight is a challenge in itself. I’ve invested in one of these and it’s made all the difference. Simply keep it empty when headed through security, and fill it up at any tap or fountain once you’ve made it through the line. Then enjoy all the benefits of a Brita with the convenience of a reusable bottle.


While I might not be jetting off to Mexico anytime soon, perhaps a ride to the Delaware beaches is in my future. Luckily, these snacks work just as well on road trips as they do on plane rides. Happy travels!