SIX THINGS for summer living

My favorite part about summer has to be all the outdoor living that happens by default. It's the season of cozying up to bonfires, setting up your living room at the beach (all those blankets and books!) and foraging in the garden like it's your pantry. See below for more things to take your summer living to the next level. 

I. raw squash pasta for warm nights that is as cooling as it is delicious. 

II. On my reading list: The Vacationers is like a high-brow beach read. 

III. Not to toot our own horn, but the playlist from Sun Tilt encompassed some pretty rad summer sounds. 

IV. Sure, Plants is an app for kids. BUT NO MATTER. One look at the gorgeously graphic flora and fauna in this digital diorama and I'm hooked.

V. This cocktail makes me want to stock up on the elusive Grand Poppy liqueur like it's Prohibition.

VI.  For your next picnic: Disposable cotton linens that put the vinyl tablecloth and Solo cups to shame. 

P.S. See you on Sunday at 5pm for k1p1 at Artifact Coffee. And stay tuned next week for an announcement of our next Skill Supper!