SIX THINGS to pack for summer travels

Packing for a trip can be a pleasure or a pain, but I choose to see it as the former. (Unpacking, however, is a different story.) Below, a roundup of 6 things that make my travels just a little bit easier. 

I. These durable (and cute) carryalls hold everything from shoes to laundry to cumbersome cords—and then some. 

II. This passport case just looks like it’s suffering from a bad case of wanderlust. Sad, right?

III. Classic moccasins can go from handy walking shoes to impromptu slippers at a moment's notice.

IV. Whether you’re shacking up in a suite or crashing on the couch, this travel-sized candle makes your temporary abode feel more like home—and also doubles as a hostess gift in a pinch. 

V. A good watch. ‘Cause sometimes it’s nice to turn off your cell, you know?

VI. Super cool Tupperware to make your seatmate jealous—and not just of your homemade plane food.

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