SIX THINGS To Wrap Up 2014

There’s no denying it: Everyone seems a little bit merrier right about now, and I don’t think it’s (only) because it’s Thursday. It’s because, whether you like it or not, Christmas is around the corner, and 2015 soon after that. And while we all lament the swift passing of the days/weeks/months, I think I'm not the only one eagerly anticipating all the spiked eggnog, good tidings and lazy afternoons in flannel pajamas to come. But for now, a few more things to cross off the list...

I. Trying not to go overboard on the Christmas knitting while listening to the festive, folky goodness from the Gift + Gather playlist. 

II. Speaking of, spy all the photos from our holiday maker’s market and supper event in downtown DC. 

III.  Planning a dream vacation or a quick getaway over break? A well-traveled friend turned me onto the brilliance that is

IV.  At the risk of sounding like your mother, make sure to fit in something green and leafy between bites of sugar cookies, okay? Here’s some inspiration. 

V.  Found: A winter shandy punch that solves all your holiday hosting problems. 

VI.  This handmade modern denim apron is the perfect solution for that tricky person (boss, brother, stepmother) on your last-minute gift list. 

Wishing a very merry holiday to you and yours. Cheers!


Photo by Emma McAlary.

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