SIX THINGS To Do Before November


It’s that magical time of year when the leaves are a riot of color, the air has a tactile crispness, and synth-pop Christmas music hasn't yet begun its never-ending assault on your sanity. Savor the (best) season with luxe leather to pair with your tweed, instant art to show off at your next shindig, and a playlist that’s actually worth keeping on repeat.

I. Cross off one thing on your fall shopping wishlist. Maybe it’s this ultra gorgeous handmade leather canteen bag

II. Upgrade your wall art game. Print and frame your own Instagram photos directly from your phone and pass them off as legit—we won’t tell.

III.  Select a soundtrack. If you can stop listening to the new Taylor Swift album (be honest) for a second, give our playlist from Cultured a spin.

IV. Head into flu season smarter. Arm yourself with the handy About Herbs app from Memorial Sloan-Kettering to shed a little light on all those herbal supplements.

V. Mind your beeswax. I bet you’ll ditch those IKEA candles once and for all after one whiff of the Bee Man’s all-beeswax tapers. Fun fact: They actually purify the air while they burn!

VI.  Sneak in a little culture between handfuls of candy corn. If you haven’t seen the Front Room: Seth Adelsberger show at the BMA, run fast! The exhibition ends 11/2. 

P.S. Hope your Halloween is this scary.

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