We take self-care seriously.


WELLTRIBE is focused on nutrition for better sleep, better sex and better skin. (BECAUSE who doesn't want better?)

We know that when you’re overly stressed, your self-care suffers the most. And rather than aiming to remove all sources of stress from your life—a lofty goal, but an impractical one—our mission is to provide you with real, approachable, evidence-based information about nutrition and health, so you can make empowered, informed decisions about your personal wellness. It's self-care through self-discovery.

What we offer:

+ A bimonthly newsletter, TELL ME EVERYTHING, providing the latest science-based nutrition info, ingredient deep dives, recipe recommendations, and curated product round-ups to help you get back to balance. 
+ One-on-one clinical nutrition counseling to help you identify and achieve your personal wellness goals.
+ Regular meet-ups (based in Baltimore) to foster conversation and community around topics in women’s health.

Join the tribe.

Photo by Sean Scheidt

Photo by Sean Scheidt

Individual consultations

Ready for a reset? Work one-on-one with Jessica to get a customized nutrition plan and therapeutic supplement regimen, plus snag an in-depth look at your lifestyle and its impact on your wellbeing.

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find a meet-up

Contribute to the conversation: all voices welcome. Say hey, meet new friends and have a beverage at one of our upcoming workshops, events and discussions. 

[Coming fall 2018]